About Sunago

Our Vision

Reaching People to Equip People to Reach People

Our History

Created out of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 as Trinity Anywhere from the Nazarene Denomination, the goal was to adapt to an online way of fellowship and Church during a time of uncertainty.

When we were all stuck in our homes, Trinity Anywhere gave people the ability to worship and experience the community that we didn’t believe we could. In early 2021, Trinity Anywhere was reimagined and rebranded as Sunago Ministries. Sunago Ministries is not a new concept, Jesus went out into the world and sought disciples, so we have created a way to do that in the comfort of our own spaces while still reaching others. We want to equip people so they can reach and equip even more.

Our Impact

It is our mission to create messages for anyone, anytime, anywhere. We want to be able to use this as a resource for house churches, church planting, and even missionaries so that churches can be established all over the world.

Our Leadership